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Here's what you need to know...
  • Suecia Company is part of the Dobson Companies
  • Car insurance is not part of the list of products provided by the Dobson Companies
  • The Dobson Companies do not offer insurance directly to customers

A Suecia car insurance review will lead you to the Dobson Companies and StellaRe Management Corp.

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About The Dobson Companies


The Dobson Companies consist of the following companies:

  • GF Dobson & Co., LLC
  • Operating and Control, LLC
  • StellRe Management Corp.
  • Dobson Marine Associates

Each division is responsible for a different type or insurance.

The Dobson Companies are a reinsurance company that helps companies that are struggling, in run-off, or just want to free their management personnel to focus on other aspects of the business.

Dobson manages accounts, collects payments, processes claims, keeps records, and submits all annual reports. They do not invest any of the money or decide to change or get rid of individual policies.

Though choosing to work with Dobson may not be because a company is in trouble, they do have a reputation of helping struggling companies.

Some clients choose to switch coverage when they see that Dobson has taken over the management of accounts.

Obviously, a Suecia car insurance review that ends up with Dobson doesn’t help drivers looking for coverage.

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