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Here's what you need to know...
  • Acuity Insurance offers several different coverage options
  • Acuity Insurance offers gap liability insurance
  • Acuity Insurance offers various discounts to its clients

In 1925, Acuity Car Insurance was founded to meet the needs of the rising number of automobile owners that were radically transforming America.

Acuity Insurance was established by a group of independent brokers and leaders of the community and has developed a reputation as innovators in policy making and service.

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What Acuity Insurance Offers


Since being “upside down” on your car payment can be detrimental to you, Acuity covers the gap that often exists between the amount you owe on your lease or loan and the actual value in cash that the car is worth in the event that you completely total your car in an accident.

Acuity also covers a variety of possibilities, including up to $10,000 for accidental death or disability, increased medical payments if you are wearing your seatbelt during an accident, and personal property damage up to $500.

In addition, Acuity will completely replace your car with a brand new one should your car be destroyed in a covered loss.

Plus Acuity guarantees that partial losses will be repaired using new parts.

Discounts Acuity Insurance Offers

Acuity offers discounts for:

  • Safe drivers
  • Drivers who have more cars than drivers on their policy
  • Multi-car policies
  • Student drivers

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