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Here's what you need to know...
  • Pay-as-you-go car insurance is something you should look into if you only drive a few miles a week
  • Only a few insurance companies offer this type of coverage, and it is not available in every state
  • The type of car you drive has a major impact on your insurance costs

When you only drive part of the time, and your insurance company charges you for driving all of the time, it doesn’t seem fair.

After all, if you only drive a few miles a week, or you only drive a couple of months out of the year, then you shouldn’t have to pay for full-time driving insurance.

The good news is that with most car insurance companies, you don’t have to.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for people who drive a limited amount of time. However, it is up to you to inform the insurance company of your limited driving habits.

What’s interesting is that, according to the Insurance Information Institute, you may also be able to save money on your insurance if you carpool with other drivers. Many people don’t take that into consideration as they commute on a weekly basis.

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Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance

Driving a car

While getting a discount for driving less than the average amount of miles each year is great, the maximum discount that you can hope for is about 25% off of your car insurance premiums.

If you are driving significantly less than other drivers, then it can feel as if you are overpaying for your car insurance.

However, there are a few car insurance companies that offer a different type of insurance for part-time drivers. For some companies, such as AAA, it is called pay as you drive; others call it pay as you go.

In either case, this is insurance that is designed to save you a considerable amount of money.

The benefit to this type of program is that you start with a standard fee for your car insurance, which will be a lower rate than a full-time driver pays.

All of the same factors considered for regular car insurance are also considered for part-time insurance.

Insurance companies are going to look at your driving record, your gender, your age, where you live, and more, to determine your base rates.

Now, this is where things get interesting. After the initial base rate, which you will continue to pay every month, you are charged for each mile you drive. The fees will vary depending on the time of day that you are driving.

If a company charges 1¢ per mile during the day, they may charge 5¢ per mile if you drive during rush hour. Your risk of an accident is higher at that time.

If the only time you get into your car is to go to church or the grocery store, then you could save considerably on your car insurance.

If you end up taking a long trip, however, you could end up paying more during that month than you would with a traditional car insurance plan.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Saving Additional Money on Car Insurance

As a part-time driver, you may want to give serious consideration to the type of car that you drive.

If you are only spending a couple of hours a month in your vehicle, do you need a luxury car or a car that you have to borrow money to afford?

When you buy car insurance, the type of car you buy has a major impact on the cost.

The higher the Kelley Blue Book value, the more money you are going to pay for your insurance. If you aren’t a prolific driver, you should consider buying a car with a lower monetary value.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes


One major way to save money is by shopping around for your car insurance.

There are only three or four car insurance companies that offer pay as you drive car insurance, and it’s not available in every state.

This limited availability, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good car insurance rate in the state where you live.

By comparing the prices for car insurance between several national companies, you can be sure that you are getting the lowest rate possible for your car insurance.

You can choose to visit each car insurance site individually, or you can use a quote tool to compare quotes all in one place at the same time.

You can compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies today by simply entering your zip code below!

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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