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Here's what you need to know...
  • To get the best car insurance deals, one needs to be aware of the different insurance companies and the type of policies they offer
  • The Internet is a great tool to use when trying to save money on car insurance because information on the current competitive rates is constantly researched and updated
  • Insurance companies offer many different options that can help you find the best deal on coverage; you just have to be willing to ask

Getting a good car insurance deals that meet your budget and coverage needs doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Getting car insurance quotes online is a fast and simple way to compare offers and get hold of a good policy.

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The Additional Options for Car Insurance Deals


Insurance providers offer additional options depending upon the type of policy purchased, which is how people get the best car insurance deals. Some of the additional options offered by car insurance companies are the following:

  • Breakdown cover helps the owner of the policy cover the expenses incurred in the event of breakdown of the vehicle. They usually provide around-the-clock support in partnership with an agency specializing in recovering vehicles in danger.
  • With a protected no claims discount, the owner of the vehicle can make a claim for a discount if the insurance remains unclaimed for five years.
  • Legal protection for motor vehicles is an important additional option that helps the driver take legal action when not at fault. Insurance providers even provide the driver with a lawyer and pay for the expenses incurred.
  • Some insurance companies also provide the driver with a replacement vehicle, called a courtesy car for transportation until his own vehicle is repaired.
  • Some policy extensions also include replacement parts such as a windscreen. They also cover the doors and windows in case there arises a need to replace them, sparing the vehicle owner a huge expense.
  • Medical coverage protects the driver from financial ruin due to exorbitant medical expenses. Coverage for medical bills provides protection in case of personal injury for the driver and his passengers.

There is no rule that says car insurance must be expensive. To find the best car insurance deals, it is a good idea to be knowledgeable about the different types of car insurance.

1. Car Insurance Deals for Classic Cars

More and more people are getting crazy about classic cars, and this calls for separate insurance called classic car insurance.

It’s possible to get the best quotes online to have an idea of the premium one has to pay, the products to be purchased, and the additions or modifications made to the vehicle.

Make sure that the company from which you are buying insurance has special provisions for classic cars too. Insurance premiums on these vintage cars greatly vary owing to the following factors:

  • The classic car to be bought should have a low mileage to earn lower premiums
  • The age of the vehicle is also a deciding factor
  • The classic automobile should be a secondary car and not used for primary transportation
  • Adding special features on to the car can sometimes deter some companies from providing classic car insurance

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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2. Car Insurance Deals for New Drivers

New drivers are most often young drivers, and they are likely to be a target for higher premiums by insurance companies. However, since driving without coverage is illegal, it’s mandatory to read the rules about getting insurance for youngsters.

Parents of the youngsters should make the sure that premiums don’t cost more than the car itself.

Deals for teen drivers and those under 21 can be found through discounts. These are available for:

  • Getting good grades
  • Taking a driver’s education course
  • Driving a vehicle that is cheap to insure

3. Car Insurance Deals for Women and Men

Women pay lower premiums for their car insurance because they are considered lower risk drivers than men. It has been proven that women drivers are slower and more cautious compared to men.

Women are also offered several perquisites and additional coverage along with insurance. To get cheaper insurance, they can buy cars that fall in the low insurance category and try to avoid modifications if possible.

Men are considered riskier drivers. While not in the same category as high risk drivers who have DUIs or other infractions on their records, premium rates still reflect a higher risk.

Men can drive cars that are cheaper to insure to lower costs, take defensive driving courses, and maintain clean driving records.

4. Car Insurance Deals on Imported Car Insurance

Whether the premiums will be higher on imported car insurance is a tricky question because they don’t come cheap. Cars imported from Japan, Europe, and other places are on the rise, and thorough research is necessary to get a good policy.

Locate an insurance provider or two that specialize in imported car insurance, compare rates, and find methods to lower the premium. Using the imported car less often and enrolling in imported car clubs will help to additionally lower the premium.

Tips on How to Get Rewarding Car Insurance Deals


Fit the car with a modern security system and protect it from fire and theft. Install tracking devices if possible. Insurance companies offer lower premiums for vehicles with such add-ons.

Parking the car in safe locations helps in reducing the premiums. No insurance company will want to have anything to do with a car that is left deserted for long periods.

The final tip is to shop around. Make sure you are looking at similar deductibles and coverage types for each company.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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