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Here's what you need to know...
  • Atlantic Master Plan is a speciality insurance provider for consumers with a high net worth.
  • Umbrella coverage plans are offered to people who have multiple homes, expensive art collections, etc.
  • Atlantic Master Plan also offers normal discounts such as good student, good driver, and multiple car packages.

It is important to find the best car insurance rates at the best possible price. To facilitate this, most car insurance providers offer a wide range of car insurance discounts. Atlantic Master Plan Insurance offers several discounts which include the following:

  • Good student discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Defensive driver training discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Special vehicle safety discounts

These discounts are available to the majority of Atlantic Master Plan policyholders. There are certain criteria that must be met for the policyholder to qualify for the Atlantic Master Plan car insurance discounts.

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About Atlantic Master Plan Insurance

Atlantic Master Plan Insurance is a specialty insurance provider that focuses on people with a high net worth. The company also works with families that have complicated insurance requirements that are not handled by a typical insurance provider.

Individuals with a larger amount of assets to account for often have more complicated needs than the average person.

It is not unusual for these assets to need specialty insurance to help protect the owners against litigation.

The Atlantic Companies, a specialty insurance group, was the original owner of Atlantic Master Plan Insurance.

In 2007, the company became a part of the ACE Group. The ACE Group is an insurance group that is a part of ACE Limited, an insurance group that is based in Switzerland.

This parent company was formed in Bermuda in 1985 and transferred its main headquarters to Switzerland in 2008.

Insurance Coverage Available through Atlantic Master Plan Insurance

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Atlantic Master Plan Insurance offers umbrella insurance coverage for wealthy people. Some of the insurance available includes the following insurance:

  • Higher priced homes
  • Multiple homes
  • Specialty homes
  • Collectibles
  • Expensive art pieces
  • Antiques
  • Highly valuable jewelry

When it comes to car insurance, Atlantic Master Plan Insurance offers coverage for collector cars as well as high-priced luxury vehicles regularly driven by the policyholder.

Use websites such as the National Association of Auto Dealers to check the value of your vehicle before buying coverage.

The umbrella insurance coverage available through the company helps the policyholder keep their substantial insurance needs organized and easy to understand.

By keeping all their insurance policies with one company, the policyholder is prevented from paying for unnecessary coverage while making sure all of their most important needs are insured.

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Car Insurance Discounts Available from Atlantic Master Plan Insurance

While Atlantic Master Plan Insurance’s policies are unique, the discounts the company offers for car insurance are not. This company provides many of the same car insurance discounts that can be found at any reputable car insurance provider.

  • A good student discount is available to younger drivers that are enrolled in full-time high school or college and get good grades. Typically with a good student discount, the student has to have at least a 3.0 grade point average.
  • A multi-car discount is available for those that have multiple cars. When the policyholder uses the same car insurance company to insure all of their vehicles, they are eligible for this discount.
  • Having the right safety features such as a car alarm, passive restraints, and airbags on their car can qualify policyholders for special car insurance discounts.
  • A good driver discount is offered to people with a blemish-free driving history. A good driving history means no moving violations, parking tickets, or accidents on a driving record.
  • A defensive driver training discount is offered to people that have taken a defensive driving course. The reasoning behind this discount is that a driver is less likely to get into an accident once they learn the techniques taught in this course.
  • With the new environment-friendly advancements in car technology, most car insurance providers now offer special discounts for policyholders that have one of these vehicles. Hybrids are the most common cars that are eligible for this discount.

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