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Best Companies in West Virginia for Car Insurance

Here's what you need to know...
  • West Virginia residents have several choices of carriers when it comes to car insurance
  • Arrowhead General offers many drivers a 15 to 50 percent discount on their car insurance rates
  • Encompass car insurance is an insurance company under Allstate. They currently rate between an A+ and B+for customer service

Once you’ve lived in West Virginia for a little while, you can see how important it is to find reliable and affordable car insurance.

For those still shopping around for a better policy, we’ve compiled this article with one simple goal in mind, which is to help you get the very best car insurance you can find. We’re grading all of the insurers below based on a few general factors.

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We’re not looking for the lowest price so much as the fairest price. Sometimes this means spending a couple extra dollars instead of going with the cheapest option.

Getting the best deal on insurance doesn’t just mean spending as little as possible. It means spending as little as possible for the coverage you want and the protection you need.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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If an insurance company doesn’t honor their policies, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are. Some car insurance companies have gotten into trouble for basically running scams where they take the money and run and refuse to ever honor a single claim.

Customer Value


The overall value a customer derives from their insurer is very important. This could mean earning auto insurance discounts over time even though they paid a little more up front.

Many insurers these days offer discounts for long term customers, eventually collecting far less in monthly payments from those customers than even budget priced policies might collect in the first months.

Many insurers these days offer discounts for long term customers, eventually collecting far less in monthly payments from those customers than even budget priced policies might collect in the first months.

Top Insurance Companies in West Virginias

– Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.

While it’s not common to see a general insurance agency on a car insurance provider list, as general insurers rarely offer the benefits you really need as a driver, Arrowhead earns high marks across the board throughout West Virginia on a number of factors for West Virginia car insurance.

First of all, Arrowhead provides a lot of affordable policies. Indeed, many drivers who switch to Arrowhead manage to save 15 to 50 percent on their car insurance rates.

Secondly, they provide quality, adequate auto insurance coverage. Where other insurance companies are seemingly defined by the pricing scams they pull, Arrowhead has managed to earn positive underwriting results for more than two decades.

Where they really stand out is customer service, though. Their customer service reps are friendly and helpful, which is a far cry from most other companies.

– Encompass


Encompass car insurance is an insurance company under Allstate, and they report very good results in all fields. First of all, in terms of pricing, Encompass follows the same fair pricing rates as Allstate, providing top quality policies for bargain bin prices.

In terms of customer service, it’s no wonder they earn ratings between B+ and A+ across the board in reviews from West Virginia drivers.

Where other companies try to weasel their way out of every payoff, Encompass have paid out to thousands of customers in West Virginia alone.

Encompass currently command roughly 1.7 billion dollars in insurance written premium, making them one of America’s largest insurance brands. Located in 42 states, it should be easy to find an Encompass Insurance office in West Virginia.

– Direct

Direct auto insurance helps you spend as little as possible.  They offer some of the most competitive rates around, and if you do happen to find someone offering the same policies for cheaper, chances are that they won’t be cheaper by much.

Privately owned out of Nashville, Tennessee, Direct’s West Virginia offices can connect you to friendly customer service, robust policies at low prices and some of the easiest insurance products around.

The Best of the Rest


Selecting the best car insurance company out of all of these is tricky. The truth is that it’s different for everyone and you might not even find what you’re looking for from any of them.

Here are some honorable mentions you may want to look through:

  • Hillstar: A reliable company, it should be easy to find Hillstar in the West Virginia area.
  • Infinity: A more well-known company, Infinity offers competitive rates on quality insurance packages.
  • Starr: Starr is known throughout West Virginia as one of the more reliable insurance companies.
  • Progressive: Another well known one. While you may be tired of their commercials, their flexibility is really appreciated.
  • Esurance: Esurance doesn’t always get you the best prices on insurance, but when they do, you can be sure it was worth looking.

Buying car insurance does not need to be a hassle. By browsing and getting free car insurance quotes from some of the insurers listed here, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding the right policy at the right price. Enter your zip code below into our FREE tool to compare rates now!

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