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Best Companies in Hawaii for Car Insurance

Here's what you need to know...
  • There are several different ways that you can compare car insurance quotes to include submitting requests for quotes on the Internet, physically visiting places of business or looking in the phone book
  • Some of the most prominent companies for car insurance in Hawaii include Island Insurance, USAA, and Farmer’s Insurance of Hawaii
  • The World Wide Web is one of the fastest ways to compare multiple car insurance quotes at one time

Despite being the most remote chain of islands in the world, Hawaii has a number of excellent choices available to consumers when it comes to car insurance companies.

Shopping for the best prices coupled with solid benefits and reliability is typically a priority to those who are searching for automobile coverage. There are several proven methods that can be used when price shopping for the coverage desired on automobiles.

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Major Methods of Price Comparison


There are several different ways that you can compare car insurance quotes to include submitting requests for quotes on the Internet, physically visiting places of business or looking in the phone book.

Submitting requests for price quotes concerning car insurance online is a popular, effective, time conscience, and cost efficient way of comparison shopping for car insurance

A person has the option to walk into a place of business that offers car insurance and ask for a price quote concerning the cost of coverage. This method of research typically proves to be very time consuming as each agency would need to be physically visited individually.

Opening a phone book and calling the insurance companies that offer automotive or car insurance is definitely an effective way to price shop the car insurance market. It is informative in displaying an accurate representation of the companies available to a specific demographic.

The time involved with this method of research in shopping for the best car insurance prices can prove to be timely when considering hold times on the phone.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Car Insurance Companies of Hawaii

Some of the most prominent companies for car insurance in Hawaii include:

– Island Insurance

  • Provides insurance coverage for both individuals and business.
  • The personal auto insurance website page boasts a 98 percent claims satisfaction ratio.
  • Many benefits and discounts such as a hybrid discount and Accident-Free discount with built-in accident forgiveness are offered
  • They also provide references to Island Certified Repair shops that are among the top 20 in the state of Hawaii.

– Farmers Insurance Hawaii

  • This company aims to really tailor auto insurance policies to individual needs.
  • Easy accessibility to manage policy is provided through the company website.
  • There are several convenient locations that current and potential customers can visit and access during normal business hours.

– Geico

  • This is a company offering coverage throughout the United States and is therefore well known and is also well established since 1936
  • The company professes to have over 10 million auto policyholders and providing coverage for over 17 million automobiles.
  • The insurance industry rates Geico very well based on its very strong financial backing.


  • This is a company providing insurance coverage around the world.
  • Their specialty and focus as far as their customers go, are military personnel and their family members. Seeing as Hawaii has a huge number of service men and women on a continuous inflow and outflow basis, USAA has positioned their presence very well in the state if Hawaii.
  • USAA makes a claim on their website that their rates beat the competition’s 80% of the time. This is huge and a very powerful and influential position for an insurance company to be in.
  • This company also offers guaranteed renewal plans, unlike many insurance companies that drop clients per their discretion.
  • USAA also offers a variety of payment options and plans at no additional cost to a client’s coverage.

Comparing the Costs of Auto Insurance Using the World Wide Web

AdobeStock_23831446-1600x1600Ultimately, there are several proven methods of research when it comes to the art of comparison in price shopping, especially in the world of auto insurance.

With today being an innovative technological age, the World Wide Web is a popular tool as it can be used from the comfort of one’s home.

It also provides a quick and effective way of gathering price quotes from several car insurance companies through the use of a single form versus multiple visits or phone calls.

Ultimately, each comparison method of price shopping works and the method of comparison used will depend on each individual consumer’s preference.

Benefits of Comparison Shopping in Auto Insurance

As the hunt for the best value in car insurance concludes, it is important to focus on the overall value that is being paid for. Some benefits vary from company to company. Know the details of what benefits are being received for what price.

Being sure to compare the details of each policy and the true cost associated with them is a sure way to know that the price being paid for car insurance is providing the most benefits for the money and given situation.

Utilize resources and compare, compare, compare, until the deal desired is found. To find the best car insurance deals, enter your zip code into our comparison search tool below now!

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