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Best Car Insurance in Alaska

Here's what you need to know...
  • Alaska has one of the highest car insurance rates in the country
  • Some of the best car insurance companies in the US do not do business in Alaska
  • A comparison of the companies’ policies and procedures should give you a good idea of how well they will cover your special needs as an Alaskan resident

Alaska has one of the highest car insurance rates in the country due to their high number of single car accidents and car/animal accidents, no ban on open containers or cell phone use. Basic liability is required by car insurance law – rates of 50/100/25:

  • $50,000 of medical coverage for each person, including compensation for suffering or death.
  • $100,000 of medical coverage among all the people involved in one accident.
  • $25,000 of coverage for damage to any car, or structure per accident.

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Who are the best Alaska car insurance companies?

adobestock_17213172-1600x1600Alaska is the United State’s final frontier. Much of the land is yet undisturbed, free from the modern accouterments of civilized life, and full of wildlife’s mysteries.

Unfortunately for most people, living in most places, whether or not you need auto insurance isn’t one of them. Except for a few sparsely populated and barely inhabitable places, you need auto coverage.

Even then, you need insurance when you venture out of them.

The best Alaska car insurance companies focus on policy features you need, and trim the fat to keep things affordable, but no matter where you are in Alaska you will be paying more than people in other regions.

Alaska’s Unique Car Incident Risks Lead to Higher Premiums

Only ten states have higher car insurance premium averages than the state of Alaska.

Theft isn’t as big of a crime as accident risks. Along with wintery conditions and wandering wildlife causing road hazards, Alaska law stands firm against cell phone regulations and open container laws.

Those four risks put premiums hundreds of dollars above averages for the United States.

Liability, Comprehensive and Determining Your Auto Insurance Needs

AdobeStock_51154930-1600x1600If you own your car outright, by law you will need a liability insurance policy. Liability insurance protects the other people and cars you are in an accident with, not you or your passengers, even if another driver is at fault.

To be protected in case of someone hitting you, you will need a policy for underinsured or uninsured drivers, or a comprehensive plan that covers injuries and damages in all kinds of accidents.

These policies are much more expensive than liability-only policies, and they should be tailored to fit the risks you’ll face in such a unique environment.

For instance, cracked windshields are very common in certain parts of Alaska because of windblown debris. You may want a policy which specifically covers the replacement and repair of auto glass, just as someone living in a flood plain would be concerned with flooding coverage.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Alaska’s Best Car Insurance Companies

Because of these reasons, and because of the distance between Alaska and the continental United States, some of the best car insurance companies in the US do not do business in Alaska. That limits your ability to find good deals, but it isn’t impossible.

A good place to start is an online search for Alaska insurance coverage, and go on from there to read about policy particulars and premium rates. However, there are some companies that stand out (both positively and negatively) based on customer experiences.

The top four insurance companies in Alaska, based on the number of complaints lodged with Alaska’s Division of Insurance, are:

The four insurance companies with the most complaints from 2009 are:

  • Teachers Insurance Company (Horace Munn)
  • Country Insurance
  • USAA Insurance
  • Geico Insurance

Unfortunately, the Division of Insurance does not go into details on the complaints, so there’s no way of telling whether there were service issues, billing errors or other problems that created unhappy customers.

A comparison of the companies’ policies and procedures should give you a good idea of how well they will cover your special needs as an Alaskan resident.

What Makes a Good Insurance Company?

AdobeStock_86115954-1600x1600Low premiums – the amount you pay each month for insurance coverage – is the number one worst way to judge whether a company is good or not.

While most people these days get insurance because they have to in order to avoid fines, the purpose of coverage is protecting your health and financial investments while you’re on the road.

Alaska has fewer roads, to begin with, but the ones they do have are flooded with accidents.

You should think about accident response time, assessments and payouts. How many agents does a company have in your area? How soon after an accident will your case be resolved?

What about full car coverage? For people who finance their vehicles in the wilderness state, how much damage from Mother Nature does your policy cover?

Will you really be protected in case of an accident, or does a policy’s fine print leave you vulnerable to dangers that are common in your area?

Savings, Policies Add-ons and Your Bottom Line

Savings written on a graph with a calculator beside it.Some company policies also provide roadside assistance for clients who run out of gas or have a flat tire. It can be less expensive to have this feature removed, and get roadside assistance through another company.

It may also be an added expense an insurance company thatĀ reliesĀ on a few or no providers in your area to cover. The time you wait for the service may be enough to make it worthless.

Given the increased and unique driving risks in Alaska, finding the best insurance company to provide for your area can be tricky.

Thankfully, our free comparison tool can save you money. Enter your zip code below and start comparing today.

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