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Best Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Here's what you need to know...
  • Comprehensive covers damage to the vehicle as a result of collision, theft or any bodily injury as well as against liability that could be incurred from the accident
  • You should get at least four to five insurance quotes before deciding on one
  • Research the companies that you are considering accepting the quote from

If looking to buy car insurance, the first thing is to decide on the type of insurance that is relevant to your need. Basically, three options are available: third-party, fire and theft and comprehensive auto insurance.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most inclusive and covers damage to the vehicle as a result of a collision, theft or any other coverage outside vehicle collision including protection against bodily injury as well as against liability that could be incurred from the accident.

Others include damage to the vehicle from weather-related damages including flooding or fire.

Comprehensive car insurance might not be a requirement in your state; however, obtaining it for a vehicle is often a requirement if you intent to lease your vehicle. In addition, considering comprehensive car insurance may depend on the circumstances you are facing.

About 75 percent of car owners opt for comprehensive car insurance since it provides an all-round protection for a car in addition to the car owner.

You can find the best comprehensive auto insurance online using the following tips:

  • Identify the insurance company from which you can acquire an quote. The best way is to search online for the car insurance quotes in your state.
  • Locate the quote link on the selected company’s website and click on it. Submit information including your name and address details, your driving history, the name of other drivers if any, age and details of the car to be insured.
  • Review the auto insurance options the company provides. Since you are looking for comprehensive cover, find out about the quote rate.
  • Repeat the process to acquire different quotes from multiple auto insurance companies.
  • Compare the comprehensive car insurance quotes from the various insurance company websites. Compare the policy, payment plan and the prices. Select the company with the quote that applies to your situation and that you can afford.

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Finding a Suitable Car Insurance Quote

adobestock_31832414-1600x1600When shopping around for a comprehensive car insurance online, it’s important to understand all your coverage options. It’s also important to note that the cheapest car insurance might not be the best value. It depends on the amount of coverage offered.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, it is recommended that at least three to five car insurance quotes from three to five separate auto insurers should be compared.

Once the rate quotes are obtained, you have to look beyond the price and determine what the coverage actually covers.

In addition, other factors that could affect you in the case of an accident should be taken into account including the type of coverage, deductibles, the amount of coverage and what the comprehensive insurance covers — additionally, what is not covered as states in the ‘policy exclusion’.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Comparing Car Insurance Companies

If you are considering selecting between two different quotes that offer different coverage and premium, researching on the company can help gather pertinent information on the type of policy that applies best to the car owner’s circumstances.

Here are some tips to help compare quotes from different auto insurers:

  • Contact your states’ insurance department either by phone or online to research on the insurance company after obtaining the rate of their comprehensive insurance quote. Check whether the company operates in your state and whether there is any noteworthy complaint regarding their services.
  • Find out about the company’s history and reputation while you compare each quote from the insurance providers you contact. Determine how long the company has been offering comprehensive auto insurance in your states and whether they provide high-quality customer care.
  • Make inquiries on the processes for filing auto insurance claims from the insurance companies you are comparing.
  • Inquire from co-workers, friend or family on where to shop for  the cheaper comprehensive auto insurance quote.

Some of the best places to look for comprehensive insurance quotes include:


AllState offers comprehensive auto insurance. The policy covers your car against collisions, vandalism, theft, animal damage, falling objects, storms and disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes as well as a broken windshield and shattered windows. In addition, AllState offers a wide range of car insurance discounts you can take advantage of.


Progressive offers comprehensive and collision coverage to repair your car or replace it if stolen, damaged or as a result of an accident regardless of who caused the accident. Additionally, you have the freedom to select a deductible you can afford. The company’s quotes are available online.

Real Insurance

Real Insurance offers a comprehensive car insurance that protects your car as well as your legal liability in case of an accident . The company also offers other benefits including vehicle replacement, protection against malicious damage and personal property cover. The quotes are available online.

SafeAuto Insurance

SafeAuto quotes for comprehensive car insurance are available online . The company’s comprehensive cover protects your car against accidents, theft or vandalism. SafeAuto is known for offering cheap insurance quote rates. We have more detailed information on SafeAuto Insurance.


Nationwide offers free online quotes for comprehensive car insurance. The policy covers all direct as well as accidental losses that have not been caused by collision including theft, fire, larceny, riots, glass breakage, falling objects, animal or bird contact, explosions and earthquake.

When comparing quotes from different insurance service providers, attention should be paid to what the policy covers and that you make the best possible comparison with another insurer. Sometimes, the coverage quoted may be different depending on the number of individuals insured in the policy.

When it comes to reaching a decision on buying the best comprehensive insurance, comparison of different companies can be a vital process in identifying the company with the best and most affordable coverage that applies to your needs.

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