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Reviews for Car Insurance Companies

Here's what you need to know...
  • It is important to enroll with a reputable car insurance company that will be reliable when needed
  • The best way to determine if the car insurance company has a good reputation is to ask friends and family
  • The age, make, the model of the car determines the level and amount of insurance that will provide the best protection and coverage in accidents

Looking for car insurance involves more than just comparing quotes for coverage. Most people want to save money, but paying for car insurance to a company that is not very reputable will result in more time and aggravation than may be worth a few dollar savings.

It is important to enroll with a reputable car insurance company that will be reliable when needed.

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Reviewing Car Insurance Companies

insurance review of American CentennialThere are many companies that promise low rates for car insurance. All a person who wants to compare car insurance quotes has to be is to put in their zip code, a few other statistics on the car being insured and the location where the person lives and they can get many quotes within minutes.

While some quotes come from companies that have instant name recognition, other companies quoting the car insurance rates may not be familiar. That does not mean that they are not good reliable companies, it may only mean that they do not advertise as widely as others.

When researching a reputable company that insures cars, there are some important variables to consider.


The best way to determine if the car insurance company has a good reputation is to ask friends and family. Some companies have a very good reputation for providing quick, timely responses and are very customer-focused when accidents occur.

People who have used an insurance company for accidents are the best ones to rate the ease in handling claims and getting issues resolved.

Response and Repair

When a person needs help they want a quick response time and guaranteed repairs. A car insurance company should get the car towed quickly, write an estimate for the repairs that is fair, and offer rental car service so the customer can get back in action as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

AdobeStock_80761217-1600x1600No one likes to wait to hear from their car insurance company when an accident happens. The insurer should be in constant contact with the customer keeping them informed about every step of the claims submission and repair process.

When calling customer service, representatives should be helpful and able to provide information in a pleasant, reassuring manner.

Policy Discounts

A car insurance company should provide discounts for safe drivers or drivers with other special needs. Many insurers have first accident forgiveness programs where insurance rates are not increased the first time an accident occurs, offer free towing services, multiple insurance option discounts and 24-hour service.

These discounts will save the customer time and hassle when only one company needs to be called for car, home or other recreational vehicle discounts.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Contacting the Insurer

When a person has an accident the last thing they want to have to worry about is calling different numbers, being on hold for a long time, or not being able to get the right person to handle the claim. They want to be able to call one number that will coordinate all services required during the stressful time.

The selected car insurer should provide one number or one contact person to handle all claims and questions.

Car insurers operate through independent agencies provide the ease of access of having to call the person who issued the policy to handle the claims processing.

Many non-agency car insurers have one 800 number that quickly puts the customer in touch with an individual that also handles the total claims process.

Policy Plans

Not all insurance options fit all people. The age, make, the model of the car determines the level and amount of insurance that will provide the best protection and coverage in accidents. Each state also has minimum coverage requirements for car insurance.

A person could have multiple cars and they all could need different levels of coverage. The car insurance company should be able to provide multiple lines of coverage policies that will fit the needs of multiple cars.

Billing and Payment

Many car insurance policies renew every six months. Some people like the benefit paying monthly for their car insurance so they can better balance their budget.

Others may prefer to pay the entire premium once a year or pay quarterly or bi-annually. A car insurance company should provide flexible payment terms without charging too much to the customer for not paying the premium all at once.

Options for Quotes

adobestock_31832414-1600x1600While some people like the convenience of only having to go online to obtain car insurance, some people want to talk to a live person to get questions answered and get a feel for customer service.

Car insurance companies should have the option of either handling the total transaction online or publishing an 800 number so the person can get in contact with the company by telephone.

It is recommended that more than one insurance company is contacted to compare not only quotes but general customer service, and contacting the company’s customer service department is a good place to start.

Reporting Claims

People are stressed when they have to report an accident and the insurer should provide options to report an accident online, to a local insurance agent, or by telephone. The company should also have 24 hours, 7 days a week reporting capabilities.

It is always a good idea to contact a few car insurance companies and ask about how responsive their claims reporting and turn-around times are from the beginning of the process to the end.

Many customer-focused car insurers will provide a list of recommended service and repair companies and will send insurance adjuster agents to the customer to determine damage to the car.

There are several research companies that review car insurance companies and rate them on all the important variables. Comparison shopping will get the best auto insurance company as well as the best price for insurance.

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