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Auto Insurance for a Used Pickup Truck

Here's what you need to know...
  • In addition to make and model, the age of your pickup truck has a direct impact on your monthly premium
  • Where you live also plays a significant role in how much you will have to pay each month
  • Pickup trucks are usually less expensive to insure when compared to smaller cars

Since many different factors come into play when deciding on car insurance, it’s impossible to say which is the best choice for the owner of a used pickup truck. Knowing only the type of vehicle is not enough to get a clear picture of which car insurance provider would serve the policyholder best.

And even though there are multiple factors that determine car insurance premiums, having a truck instead of a regular car can lower your rates. Most car insurance providers consider trucks to be safer than cars so they are given a slightly lower rate.

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Why are trucks considered to be safer than cars?


One of the main reasons a truck is considered to be safer than a car is because it is usually much larger. Someone driving a large truck that’s involved in an accident is less likely to be severely injured than if they had been in a car.

Another reason trucks are considered safer than cars is because they are usually higher off of the ground. By being raised off of the ground, the driver can see more of their surroundings while they are driving.

When the driver can see more of what is going on around them on the road, they are less likely to be in a car accident and therefore less of a risk for the car insurance provider to insure.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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What are some of the other factors that influence car insurance rates?

The type of vehicle the policyholder drives is just one of many things that are considered when a car insurance premium is determined.

Some of the other factors that are considered include where the vehicle is driven, how much the vehicle is driven, how old the vehicle is, and the policyholder’s driving history.

A person’s driving history is very important when it comes to determining car insurance rates. If someone has been involved in a lot of accidents, had multiple moving violations, or has made multiple claims with a previous insurance provider, they are considered to be a greater risk to insure.

As a result, they are charged much more for insurance than someone that has never had to file a claim. These people are considered a greater risk to insure because they are more likely to cost the car insurance provider in the future.

Does the Make and Model Impact My Monthly Premium?

The type of vehicle is another important component. In the case of a used pickup truck, the policyholder will pay more for a much older used truck than they would for one that is only a few years old.

The brand of vehicle is also an important factor. The policyholder will pay less for car insurance for a truck that is considered a more mid-range brand than they would for a luxury brand truck.

This is because if the luxury truck is stolen or damaged it would cost the insurance provider more to insure.

Does the area affect my rates?

adobestock_81613602-1600x1600The type of area the vehicle is driven in is also an important factor. Someone who lives in a rural area will pay less for car insurance that someone in an urban environment. Vehicles that are kept in a rural area are less likely to be stolen or vandalized than a vehicle in a city.

A driver is also less likely to be in a car accident in a rural area than in a city because there are fewer drivers on the road.

People who do not drive their cars very much or for shorter distances also tend to see a less expensive car insurance bill each month.

People who live in a small town, have a short commute, or do not use their car every day, are statistically less likely to get into a car accident than someone who has a long daily commute or drives a lot for other reasons.

Research is the most important way to find a great car insurance provider. Getting quotes from multiple providers and researching them via websites like A.M. Best Company is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance rates.

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