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Companies Offering Specialty Car Insurance

Here's what you need to know...
  • Specialty cars are usually not driven every day
  • There are insurers who only offer coverage for specialty vehicles
  • Make sure you understand the value of your vehicle and how claims will be paid before choosing an insurer
Specialty car insurance is tailored to vehicles that are not used on a regular basis. These are usually composed of vehicles that have tremendous value or are rare.

These types of cars are precious and not used for day to day driving. They are only used for fun and driven, perhaps, to a local car club event or a car show. Sometimes, they are not driven at all but only displayed.

Such vehicles are usually driven less than five thousand miles a year and many times specialty auto insurance companies will impose other restrictions on insuring them, like limit the age of the driver to over 25 years.

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Collector Car Categories

AdobeStock_56177580-1600x1600The collector car insurance market requires special understanding. To start with, this type of car insurance has a large variety of categories:

  • Antique vehicles are over 25 years old
  • Classics are in the range of 20 to 24 years old
  • Collectible autos are between 15 to 19 years old
  • Custom autos are the ones that have been manufactured from 1949 to the present but have mechanical or cosmetic alterations
  • Exotic cars are no more than 15 years old but believed to be escalating in value
  • Street rods were manufactured prior to 1949, but have undergone mechanical or cosmetic alterations
  • Kit autos are built from a package

There are many variations in each one of the above-mentioned classifications that are determined by the underwriting guidelines of each company and their experiences.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Benefits of a Specialty Insurance Provider

Despite the fact that specialty car insurance has been around for roughly five decades, less than half of the collector autos are insured by these companies. A majority of the owners just insure them through regular insurance companies.

The companies catering to auto insurance with special needs understand the unique value of each vehicle. In addition, they realize the need to use original parts in case there is a claim made.

They are equipped to handle such requirements better than the typical insurance provider.

Insuring a collectable auto with a standard insurance company can cost up to five hundred percent more than the options offered by a specialty insurer.

Even though the standard companies provide acceptable cover, they hardly ever provide the benefits typically associated with collector car policies. Other than the cost, the levels of service also differ.

Individuals looking to insure a collectible should thoroughly research the various specialty programs available before selecting the most suitable one for their individual needs. One should especially keep an eye out for good claims handling and staff with knowledge of collector vehicles.

Type of Coverage


Essentially there are three main types of specialty auto insurance cover being offered – Actual Cash Value (ACV), Stated Value, and Agree Value.

  • Actual Cash Value – This is what a majority of the everyday cars are insured under. It pays the depreciated value of the vehicle in case of a claim. The older a car is on the ACV cover, the less its value.
  • Stated Value – Some companies have what is called Stated Value policies for collectibles. These are more appropriate than ACV since they allow one to “state” the value of one’s auto that is greater than the depreciated “book” value.
  • Agreed Value – These policies guarantee that one will get all of their investment back in case of a total loss. In an Agreed Value policy, there is no depreciation in the value of the car.

The Value of a Classic

It is not the job of an insurer to appraise an auto. Instead, their job is to insure the value of a given car. They do spend time keeping an eye on the market and help people to insure their autos for an appropriate value.

A great number of factors have to be considered when valuing an auto. Some of the factors include:

  • If the vehicle is stock original – If it is, then there are resource guides and other pricing sources that provide basic guidelines that take the condition of the car into account. These are not much help when it comes to newly restored cars and even more useless for street rods.
  • If guidebooks are of no help – Insurers look at the amount of money spent and the type of parts installed. In the cases where people restore or rebuild their vehicles, it is best to maintain detailed logs of the work carried out and hold on to the receipts. This will make the process of insuring it a whole lot smoother.
  • If you have a certified appraisal – At times, certified appraisals will help, but they are not always needed.

Locating Specialty Car Insurance

AdobeStock_80658895-1600x1600The best way to find a specialty insurer is to talk to people with similar auto tastes that hold the same interest in protecting their vehicles. One can also find ads in magazines that cater to the needs of auto enthusiasts.

There are also loads of websites that offer specialty car insurance online. Also, one can consider a company that is in the business of insuring rare items.

There are even some exceptionally large specialty insurers that insure yachts, historically valuable items and homes. Such companies even provide appraisal services.

There is no shortage of specialty insurers; one just needs to make sure to carry out proper research and find one that satisfies one’s needs.

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