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Does comprehensive insurance cover you to drive other cars?

Share Tweet Pin +1Comprehensive coverage is one option that you can add to your insurance policy to protect your car from damages that are not related to a collision. Although your insurance policy may provide coverage when you drive another car, this extension of coverage may vary based on your provider or which state your […]

The Best Rental Car Insurance Policy

If you are looking for a vehicle to rent, car insurance will need to be a priority. Whether you need a new rental car insurance policy or you think you have rental insurance coverage on an existing policy, you need to ensure that all your bases are covered. No matter how often you drive a […]

Types of Insurance Coverage for Rental Cars

There is three main types of rental car insurance coverage. When you decide to arrange for a rental car, it’s important that you also make the right choice about protecting yourself from financial responsibility if you are involved in an accident. The first type of rental car coverage is if you are covered under your […]

Rental Car Insurance: The World’s Easiest Guide to Insuring Your Rental Car

For most people, the worst part about renting a car is the last step, when the agent presents you with an expensive, confusing list of options for rental car insurance. Most of us feel we need to have a master’s degree in rental insurance to figure this stuff out! If you’ve ever been confronted with […]

How can I get insurance on a rental car?

If you are renting a car, you have several options for rental insurance. Not all insurance is the same, so you need to determine who is offering what coverage and for what price in order to decide the best method for obtaining insurance on a rental car. Enter your zip to start comparing car insurance […]

Whose insurance is responsible for an accident with a rental car?

If you’re driving a rental car and are involved in a collision with another car whose insurance is responsible for the damages? If this were a privately owned or leased vehicle, naturally, the driver “at fault” would be responsible for the damages. Because you are renting a vehicle (the rental company that legally owns these […]

Rental Car Insurance – Should I Buy It?

Should you purchase rental car insurance? This is a great question and one that you are wise to ask long before you pack up your belongings and head for the rental car kiosk. If you arrive without a full understanding of all the issues surrounding rental car insurance, you may be pressured by the rental agency […]

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