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Can I sue my own car insurance company?

Share Tweet Pin +1You can sue your car insurance company if you believe that they’re not honoring the contract with you, but it’s important to know what to expect from the process. For example, there are some things that you simply cannot sue for, including diminished value after an accident. Make sure you’re not overpaying […]

What does an at fault claim mean?

When you file a claim, the auto insurance company will spend a great deal of time and resources investigating it. In fact, part of your auto insurance contract says that the insurer is responsible for paying all of the expenses that are incurred to investigate and settle a claim. The purpose of claim investigation is […]

How to File an Insurance Claim When Someone Hits Your Car

Being involved in an automobile accident can be a frightening experience. Depending on the severity, it can pose a huge inconvenience to all parties involved. In the unfortunate event that someone hits your car, it is important to know which steps to take in filing a claim with the insurance company to ensure that you […]

Reasons Car Insurance Companies Deny Claims

It can be a troubling experience to discover that a claim filed with your auto insurance company has been denied. Medical bills and property damages can come with incredible price tags and it can be downright scary when your insurance company refuses to help. Insurance representatives can be very precise when handling a claim. Requirements […]

How to File a Claim on Someone Else’s Car Insurance

Anytime you file a claim with another person’s insurance company, this is referred to as a “third-party claim.” These are the most frequent types of claims pursued in the United States. As most states require drivers to withhold a liability policy, these are solely set in place to compensate damages done to a third party. […]

When Not to File an Auto Insurance Claim

On an insurance site, you expect to see information about how to file an insurance claim, where to shop and compare rates, get quotes, and other information about insurance. What you don’t expect to see is an article about when you should not file a claim for an accident. However, we are in the business […]

Does my insurance cover rodent damage to a car?

Rodent damage is not a threat to your vehicle that you may often think about. However, rodents can cause a large amount of damage to your car without you even realizing it. If you are in a situation where rodents have caused damage to your car, then your insurance company may provide coverage in your […]

If I am in a car accident, do I call their insurance or mine?

Being in a car accident is frightening, and many people don’t know what to do. Here’s what you should know if you are in a car accident. If you need lower car insurance rates after an accident, enter your ZIP in the box above and we’ll send you quotes from the top companies near you! […]

What information do you need for a car insurance quote?

You don’t have to spend your entire day getting auto insurance quotes. If you’re looking for a competitive rate through a highly respected insurance company, you can easily get a rate quote in just minutes. How accurate the rate quote that you receive is depends on how accurate the information that you provide is. With […]

Does your car insurance cover hurricane damage?

Hurricane damage is just one of many different natural disasters that can damage your car. Hurricanes can contribute to dangerous driving conditions as well as high winds and heavy rainfall. It’s important to understand how your insurance policy may provide coverage to your car before a hurricane starts; after may be too late. Enter your […]

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