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Tag Archives: insurance and risk

Can I get my car out of impound without insurance?

Share Tweet Pin +1The odds that you’ll have an accident while driving your car are 1 in 366. While these odds don’t seem too serious, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll get pulled over while driving. According to data reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the odds that you’ll be pulled over in […]

What is credit life insurance on cars?

When you buy a car through a dealer, you typically walk on the lot with every intention of keeping you payment under a certain fixed amount. Unfortunately, by the time you make it past the car salesman and into the finance office, the payment that you agreed on is inflated to include warranties and other […]

Does paying for my car insurance build credit?

There’s often a lot of confusion concerning the types of accounts that are reported on a consumer credit file. While it’s important to pay your bills on-time, some late payments have a much greater impact than others. If your goal is to build your credit and boost your credit score, the key is to open […]

How do you get SR-22 insurance without a car?

Driving a motor vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. In just an instant, one bad maneuver or reckless decision can put someone else’s life at risk. This is why pretty much every state requires individuals to carry insurance that will pay for the potential damages that they could cause while they’re operating a motor […]

Does getting car insurance quotes affect your credit?

It seems like almost everything you do financially will have an affect on your credit. If you’re gearing up to buy car insurance, you might be curious to learn whether or not your mission to find affordable coverage will affect your FICO score or the inquiries that show up on your credit report through each […]

When will insurance write off a car?

Many people assume that a vehicle is deemed a total loss only after it is involved in a serious accident. While cars are written off all of the time due to serious accidents, some insurers will total out a car even if the damages appear to be minor. No matter how confusing it might be, […]

Does credit score affect car insurance?

Just as you think you understand all the ramifications of automobile insurance rating and what increases your premiums, insurance companies have thrown in a new assessment tool. Now they apply certain aspects of your credit score to rating car insurance. Most of us are aware that the number of times our credit report is checked […]

How long do tickets affect my car insurance?

When you are pulled over for a traffic violation, the first thought that pops into your head is, “How much is this mistake going to cost me?” The fines that offenders must pay when they are convicted of violating traffic laws are hefty, but fines are not the only costs associated with ignoring the rules […]

Which states have the most dangerous interstates?

According to Federal Highway Administration estimates, Americans have traveled an average of 234.9 billion vehicle miles per month in 2012. Whether it’s the decrease in gas prices or the unusually warm temperatures, we’ve been traveling a lot! While you should always make it a point to drive carefully on any highway (no texting!), there are […]

How to Find Car Insurance Prices

The easiest way to find car insurance prices is online. When searching for car insurance, most drivers look for the lowest rates and choose a company based only on the price. Although finding the best rate for your budget is important, keep in mind that it is also important to look at other aspects of […]

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