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Tag Archives: auto insurance laws

Can I get my car out of impound without insurance?

Share Tweet Pin +1The odds that you’ll have an accident while driving your car are 1 in 366. While these odds don’t seem too serious, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll get pulled over while driving. According to data reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the odds that you’ll be pulled over in […]

5 States with the Most Texting Tickets

Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly bigger safety issue in our country. Sending a text message, viewing a Snapchat, “liking” a Facebook post, checking the score of the game…are all becoming more important than watching the road. People seem to ignore the fact that it only takes one glance down to cause a fatal car […]

Can you get car insurance from another state?

Most drivers know that they need to have car insurance on their vehicles. However, the ins and outs of car insurance can be vague and even overwhelming. With few exceptions, auto insurance is a legal requirement in every state. While each state has their own laws regarding types of coverage and minimum policy limits, unless […]

Does your car insurance address have to match your registration?

Typically, a car is registered to and insured by the same individual. However, there may be instances where the owner of a car will allow someone else to pay for the coverage. The problem is that this may not be allowed by your company, and it may not even be legal in some states. Start […]

Do I need insurance to transfer a car title?

The typical reason that you would need to transfer a car title is because you are either buying or selling a car. Insurance requirements for your state are separate from the procedures for documenting changes in the ownership of a vehicle. Even though you need car insurance to be able to drive on a public […]

How can I tell when my car insurance runs out?

Knowing the exact dates of your auto insurance coverage is very important in preventing a lapse in coverage because you could have an auto accident after that time or be cited for not having the required auto insurance coverage. If you cannot find your auto insurance expiration date in your auto insurance policy documents, try […]

Speed Traps: Cities Relying on the Easy Income

There are practically endless reasons why people speed. They could be running late, ignoring road signs, looking at their phone, dealing with kids in the backseat, thinking about work, enjoying a favorite song, feeling stressed out, or just driving a high cylinder car that accelerates without much effort. No matter how unimportant or innocent the […]

Why are we forced to have car insurance?

When shopping for car insurance, some people wonder why they even have to purchase insurance. After all, isn’t it just the risk to myself that I’m taking? Some argue that not carrying insurance is a victimless crime. However, this argument is not true. When you do not carry car insurance, you are not just risking […]

What do I need to get car insurance?

Getting auto insurance can be intimidating if you are not prepared. Most companies will not only want details about you but also about your vehicles and driving record. Don’t let the process stop you from regularly comparing rates with other providers and making sure you have the best coverage for the right price. Some basic […]

What is sr-50 auto insurance?

If you are a driver in Indiana, you are required to maintain car insurance for your vehicle. The SR-50 auto insurance form demonstrates to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles that the driver has at least the minimum amount of liability coverage required. It is also commonly referred to as the SR-50 Affidavit of Current […]

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