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Can you get car insurance if you owe another company?

Share Tweet Pin +1Maintaining current auto insurance coverage is important for anyone who plans to drive or owns a car. Failure to do so can result in serious penalties for you. If you have had your current auto insurance canceled by your provider because you have failed to make timely payments, this could reflect negatively […]

How does a car insurance company work?

When shopping for car insurance, many people wonder how a car insurance company works. It’s a viable question and one that deserves an answer. After all, understanding the process of car insurance helps you to gain an understanding of how insurance protects you in the event of an accident from both physical and financial disaster. […]

How far back does a car insurance company look?

Insurance companies don’t just take on risk blindly. Instead, they employ underwriting forces that review guidelines and actuaries who crunch all of the numbers and file rates. The purpose of underwriting in today’s modern age is to review the answers that an applicant has provided and to compare back these answers to the what’s displayed […]

Are car insurance companies open on Sundays?

Some insurance companiesĀ do not sell insurance on Sundays. If you really need car insurance over the weekend because you have purchased a new vehicle or allowed your insurance to lapse, consider contacting your agentĀ or your insurance provider’s toll-free number (see table below). You can compare car insurance rates for FREE using our online quote tool […]

Are car insurance companies open on Saturdays?

Insurance companies have staff available for their clients’ emergencies all the time. Most are available by phone, and some now allow you to contact them online or with an app on your smartphone. Start comparing car insurance rates now by using our FREE tool below! Some insurance companies do not have their offices open on […]

Increase in Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance premiums change on a regular basis for a multitude of different reasons. If you have recently received a new renewal bill, or you are curious to learn what you should expect as you are buying coverage for the first time, learning what factors can lead to a rate increase is important. You will […]

Lotus Car Insurance Rates

A rare individual purchases a Lotus for daily driving. The brand was begun to design and build race and production automobiles. Originally, Colin Chapman and Colin Dare formed the company as Lotus Engineering Ltd in 1952. In 1954, the company was split into Lotus Engineering and Team Lotus. Team Lotus competed actively in Formula One […]

Hummer Car Insurance Rates

The Hummer brand was AM General‘s answer to those who had fallen in love with the M998 Humvee while in the military. AM General was owned by American Motors Corporation (AMC), and then General Motors purchased the corporation in 1998. AMC continued to manufacture the vehicles, but General Motors handled the marketing and distribution of […]

GEICO vs Allstate

All insurance companies are not the same, and it pays to compare customer service, rates, and claims handling before you decide which insurer to use. Geico and Allstate are two major players in the very competitive car insurance business, so you are bound to come across them if you are shopping for a new policy. […]

GEICO vs State Farm

When you need to purchase a new auto insurance policy, it can be difficult to determine which insurer is best for you. Two very popular companies are State Farm and Geico. While nobody can tell you which of these companies is best for everybody, it might be possible to compare Geico vs. State Farm to […]

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