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Auto Insurance for Drivers Over 50

Here's what you need to know...
  • Auto insurance rates actually start to increase after the age of 60
  • The many, existing discounts can help compensate for higher auto insurance rates
  • Depending on where you live and your circumstances, choose the coverage that is best for you
  • Be aware that senses and reflexes tend to deteriorate after the age of 65; use precaution and possibly go to your DMV to get retested

One good concession for seniors is over 50 car insurance rates. Car insurance rates are very inexpensive for about 10 years for those around the age of 50.

Then rates start to creep up again because the percentage of incidents starts increasing around 60. This is a good time for seniors to enjoy the benefits while they last.

Many people in this age range may not even drive as much as they did in the past. For this reason, there are more ways seniors can save on car insurance coverage.

By age 70, things start to change again. Things are not as easy as they used to be.

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Car Insurance Savings for People Over 50

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In addition to senior eligibility for discounts on everything else, years of driving experience make them eligible for more. Over 50 car insurance discounts are available for club or organization memberships like AARP. If you only drive on weekends, that qualifies for another discount.

Antique cars and classic cars are eligible for specialty car insurance if you drive less than 15,000 to 25,000 miles per year and meet the other requirements for this type of coverage.

Safe driving courses will make you eligible for a discount on your premiums as well.

It may be a good idea for seniors who want to have a refresher course.

Over 50 Car Insurance Inclusions

Your state minimum requirements will determine your base amount of coverage. Most seniors own their vehicles free and clear, while others may have to carry collision and comprehension to protect the lien they carry. Some seniors may opt to lease a car and carry rental coverage.

Basic inclusions will include:

The amount of coverage will depend on your state and the car you drive.

Some minimum coverage packages are not enough to cover top models and luxury vehicles. You may have to purchase additional collision and comprehensive for these.

Riders or options translate to 24-hour towing, rental replacements, and several other optional selections. These options cost more in some policies whereas other includes them.

Some carriers may include incentives as well like shrinking deductibles. Each company that offers the program may offer a different variation.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Insurance Premiums for Older Drivers

Sometimes it is hard to maintain car insurance monthly payments along with other responsibilities. It may even come to the point when you have to make the difficult decision to skip your insurance premium for one month.

Most insurance companies do not extend grace periods for car insurance premiums.

If you miss your car payment deadline, your policy will be canceled at midnight that night. For a short period like this, you can notify your insurance agent and they may be able to make your renewal date retroactive as long as you do not go out and have an accident before the policy is renewed.

Often customers will send their premiums by mail, and it does not arrive by the deadline. These late arrivals may require the establishment of a new policy. If you choose to pay for a longer policy, this may save more in premiums.

Over 50 Driving Records


As young drivers, mistakes are made and consequences are paid. Eventually, unless you live in Florida, your speeding tickets and DUIs will become a part of your history. If you learned from your mistakes, you will receive second chances at having a good driving record.

Shrinking deductibles are just one way of rewarding good drivers. 

Middle-aged drivers have fewer accidents than any other class of drivers according to statistics. These are drivers between 35 and 55. This group proves to be less of a risk, and therefore pay less in insurance premiums.

Over 50 Policy Renewals

After age 65 or retirement age, reflexes start to slow and senses start to deteriorate. This is a hard fact for many seniors as it means the prospect of their freedom and independence being taken away. There has been much debate on the subject as to what would be a good age to take away the privilege to drive.

As a precaution, after age 62 or 65 in some states, seniors are asked to come in and renew their driver’s licenses as opposed to mailing them in.

These way officials at DMV can require a vision test and in some cases a road test. As more states consider this practice the law, more seniors fight the idea by proving they still have the reflexes and ability to drive as they did 20 years ago.

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