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Car Insurance Discounts From Liberty Mutual

Here's what you should know...
  • Liberty Mutual is one of America’s best insurance providers
  • There are many discount options, including ones exclusively for those with memberships in participating groups
  • Students with good grades can take advantage of the Good Student Discount at Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance has been around since 1912 and is one of the top three insurers for property and casualty products in the United States. Car insurance is one of its top insurance products and the company strives to give you the best rates possible on your car insurance premiums. In order to do this, Liberty Mutual offers multiple discounts related to your car insurance.

If you would like to compare car insurance rates for Liberty Mutual or other companies in your local area, all you need to do is type your ZIP code in the FREE quote box.

As an incentive to use Liberty Mutual for all of your insurance needs, the company offers a variety of discounts to help you get the right services and coverage at the best price. The more discounts that you are eligible for, the more money you will save on your premiums.

Liberty Mutual is already competitive with other car insurance companies and you can save even more by taking advantage of the available discounts.

The discounts range from savings that are associated with the company you work for to discounts related to your driving record and type of car you drive. You can even find discounts offered to you because of your membership in an alumni group or professional association.

How Liberty Mutual Discounts Are Determined


The best way to find out what discounts are available through Liberty Mutual and your eligibility is to speak with a Liberty Mutual agent. The agent will ask you a series of questions to determine if you are qualified to receive any of the discounts.

The more open and honest you are, the better your chances are of receiving a discount on your insurance.

If you use Liberty Mutual’s online insurance quote feature, you can also answer any questions on your computer instead of through your phone with a live agent.

Some Types of Discounts Offered by Liberty Mutual

One of the easiest ways to save up to 10% on your insurance policy is to insure not only your car with Liberty Mutual, but your home as well. Having a homeowners policy associated with your car insurance policy results in a multi-policy discount.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Many families and some individuals have multiple cars in their household. If you choose to insure more than one of them with Liberty Mutual, you will be able to save money on your car insurance policy through the multi-car discount offered by the company.

The good student discount¬†through Liberty Mutual is available for teenagers who live in your home and drive. The discount is available for those teenagers who receive and maintain a grade point average of “B” or higher.

How Membership Can Get You Discounts from Liberty Mutual


Liberty Mutual offers discounts for a number of different groups and businesses. There are more than 14,000 groups, employers, alumni associations, and credit unions that are involved with the affinity program associated with Liberty Mutual.

If you are an employee or member of any of the participation groups, you may be eligible for group savings and discounts only available to these particular groups.

If you are an organization or employer who would like to be involved in the affinity program with Liberty Mutual, you may be able to offer this exclusive benefit to members and employees of your group. Contact Liberty Mutual to find out more information about this program and how to be involved.

Your Vehicle Can Get You Discounts Too


Certain aspects of your vehicle can also make you eligible to take advantage of certain discounts. One of the discounts is passive restraint. If you have one airbag or more, and/or if you have motorized safety belts that were installed by the factory, you may be able to save money.

If you have anti-lock brakes that were factory installed on all of your four wheels, you also will receive a discount.

Anti- theft devices are also eligible for discounts. These devices may include passive and active disabling devices, vehicle recovery devices, and audible alarms.

If you do not drive your car very much over the course of a year, you may also be eligible for a discount. Low mileage constitutes driving the car only 7,500 miles or less a year. Insurance companies will view your vehicle usage as “pleasure” driving and, because your vehicle is on the road less often and exposed to less potential for accidents and other incidents, they will often give you a lower insurance rate.

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