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Insurance Discounts for Security Systems

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Here's what you need to know...
  • A car alarm will most likely get you a discount on your insurance premiums
  • There are several types of car alarms available
  • Advancements in technology have enabled vehicles to be more secure than ever

Having a security system in a car does affect a person’s car insurance rates.

The majority of car insurance providers offer a discount for cars that have a security system.

Car security systems have a history almost as long as the automobile itself. Over the last few years, the security alarms available in cars have progressed beyond what most people thought possible just a few decades ago.

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What are the most common kinds of car security systems?

According to the Auto Tips & Advice website, there are some basic types of car security systems. These systems are:

  • Passive car alarms – This is the type of car alarm with which most people are the most familiar. It’s called “passive” because the driver does not need to activate it.
    • It comes standard on most new cars.
    • This type of system is armed automatically when the driver locks the car. It involves the automatic locks button on a key fob, so when the driver hits the lock button on their key fob, their car’s alarm is automatically turned on.
  • Active car alarms – An active car alarm works much in the same way as the passive car alarm except the driver has to physically arm the alarm themselves.
    • Often with this type of car alarm, there is a separate button on the driver’s key fob that they have to press to arm the car’s alarm system.
  • Silent car alarms – Since car alarms that make sounds (like the passive and active alarms) can be so disrupting and can often be triggered by innocuous situations that have nothing to do with theft, car manufacturers started producing silent car alarms.
    • The way a silent car alarm works is the alarm sends a signal to a device that the car owner keeps, most likely in their home. With some silent alarms, when the device is triggered it will actually call the driver on their phone.
    • The main downside to this type of car alarm is that often with a non-silent car alarm, the noise will scare the car thief away before they actually steal something. At the very least, a non-silent alarm will alert other people in the vicinity that there is something going on.

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What is the difference between a factory car alarm and an aftermarket car alarm?

A factory alarm is the car alarm that is installed inside the car while it is being manufactured. This type of alarm is most often a passive car alarm. While these car alarms tend to come as standard features on most new cars made today, some people prefer to have them removed.

The people that have factory alarms removed tend to like to replace them with a more customized form of car alarm.

An aftermarket car alarm is a name for any car alarm that is purchased separately from the car itself and installed after the car is manufactured.

So, any custom alarm system that is not installed by the car’s manufacturer is considered to be an aftermarket car alarm.

What is the future of car alarms?


Over the past decade or so there have been amazing advancements made in the world of car security. One of the most recognizable is the OnStar system. OnStar combines advancements in both car security and communication technology.

Unlike a normal car alarm that performs just one function, an OnStar system does many things. OnStar works as a navigation system, a hands-free calling device, and a diagnostics system, as well as a top security feature.

If a car with an OnStar system is stolen, all that the driver has to do is call OnStar and the company can track the car by its GPS.

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