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Are car insurance companies open on Sundays?

Here's what you need to know...
  • Most insurance companies are not open to sell insurance on Sundays
  • If you need help on the weekend, use the contact number on your insurance card to call an adjuster
  • In many cases, you can find car insurance quotes online any day of the week
Some insurance companies do not sell insurance on Sundays. If you really need car insurance over the weekend because you have purchased a new vehicle or allowed your insurance to lapse, consider contacting your agent or your insurance provider’s toll-free number (see table below).

You can compare car insurance rates for FREE using our online quote tool above any day of the week!

Many insurance agencies are open for half a day on weekends.

Most insurance policies allow you from fourteen to thirty days to replace a vehicle on your policy.

Emergency Needs

AdobeStock_75916399-1600x1600Sometimes it is necessary to contact your car insurance company on weekends.

When acquiring quotes for your initial car insurance purchase, be sure to ask about each company’s policies for dealing with issues over the weekend.

Situations in which you may need to contact your insurance company on a Sunday include:

  • Involvement in an accident and need help
  • Need new car quotations
  • Verification of insurance

– You’re in an Accident and Need Help

Call the phone number provided on the insurance card for a referral to an adjuster or specialist to assist you in protecting your vehicle and person in an accident.

Most insurance companies have full-time, 24-7 access to claims personnel. Ask about this before purchasing car insurance.

– New or Replacement Car Quotations

For quotations for a new vehicle, most companies provide online access to estimate the costs you may have when purchasing a new vehicle.

Recognize that the quotation you acquire may vary somewhat, depending upon the exact information.

– Verification of Insurance

Insurance companies provide you with a Proof of Insurance card to carry in your wallet to prove insurance to authorities.

Some have apps that you may add to your Smartphone, and many states accept these as proof of insurance. It is a great alternative for those who tend to lose their insurance cards.

Insurance companies can be flexible and adapt to your life and hours. It is best to consider this when asking quotations to renew your policy. You have the choice.

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