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Car Insurance Review of CSAA

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Here's what you need to know...
  • , now AAA NCNU, offers a wide range of coverage
  • The company is fairly strict when it comes to who they will insure
  • An affiliate of AAA, AAA NCNU has received positive reviews from many of its customers
The California State Automobile Association (CSAA) is an affiliate of the Automobile Association of America (AAA). They provide quality car insurance at an affordable rate, but only to certain consumers.

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In 2008, CSAA received a new title. Their new name is the AAA NCNU for Northern California, Nevada, and Utah.

This car insurance company has very stringent policy requirements, which helps keep premiums low. For example, according to the California Department of Insurance, they will not accept certain applicants.

To qualify for a new policy with the AAA NCNU, you cannot have a combination of violations, such as an at-fault car accident and one speeding ticket.

You may have one or the other, but not both combined.

Anyone with a car accident on their driving abstract and a speeding ticket is considered a high risk. People with these types of driving records will need to clean up their act before NCNU will insure them.

History of the Company

In 1914, the CSAA accepted their first automobile insurance application.

They started with a small number of member-only customers. Within the next two years, they opened their first office in Oakland, California. Four years later, they opened their Utah office.

During 1924, they launched their emergency road service.

Within the first 30 days, they took 429 assistance calls. This helped to instill confidence in their customers. By 1925, they were able to open their San Francisco office. Eight years later, the office in Reno, Nevada opened.

Within the next seven years, they opened another 35 offices around Nevada and Northern California.

At this point, they had a membership count of 103,729. Over the next 20 years, they continued to grow. By 1960, their customer base reached a brand new high. By that time, they serviced 540,000.

Between 1960 and 2011, the CSAA or AAA NCNU managed to carve out quite a name. They continue to lead the auto insurance industry with high standards. As of 2011, the AAA auto club moved away from the insurance company. They are now two completely separate divisions.

States They Cover

car going to mountains, Lofoten Islands

AAA NCNU only writes policies in Central and Northern California, Nevada, and Utah.

This may seem somewhat limited, especially when other auto insurance companies are nationwide. However, remaining in the same region has certain benefits.

They get to know their customers on an intimate level. This allows them to provide a personal aspect.

With more than 65 offices in these three states, this car insurance company is working wonders.

They have some of the most loyal customers and show no signs of slowing down.



There are several advantages to going to the professionals at AAA NCNU.

They offer incentives and discounts to a wide array of drivers, from teens to seniors, that are as high as 20%.

If you are a senior, your risk assessment is mostly in your favor. If you have a great driving record, your rate could be extremely low.

They do not include property damage with uninsured motorist coverage. It is automatically added to the premium to keep your initial quote low.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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They provide a maximum discount of 20% if you are a good driver.

The AAA NCNU provides credits in the form of rate reductions. If you remain in good standing, you qualify.

To the AAA NCNU, good standing means no activity. Having zero moving violations is the first step to eligibility. They also consider the status of your driver’s license. Zero issues with suspensions or revocations. Finally, zero at-fault collisions.

Drivers over the age of 50 receive the Mature Driver reduction. This is a five percent discount off the overall premium.

The company applies this discount upon completion of a driver course. As soon as you complete the course, your premium is lowered.

AAA NCNU’s good student rewards extend to 20 percent. Unlike most car insurance discounts, you can graduate and still qualify.

They extend this discount up to nine years after you receive your driver’s license. If you acquire your driver’s license when you turn 17, you keep the reduction until age 26.



The most obvious drawback about the AAA NCNU is the exclusivity factor.

Not everyone will qualify. You really need to make sure you have a great driving record before you contact AAA NCNU.

Another negative aspect is they are not national, like GEICO, State Farm, and Allstate. This means unless you live in California, Nevada, or Utah, you are out of luck. Even some Californians may not fare well. You must reside in specific areas.

Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating

The best rating, evaluation. Business confident happy woman voting to five yellow star to increase ranking. On grey background

Overall, the customers who choose AAA NCNU are very satisfied with their service.

AAA NCNU’s customer service rating is very high, according to the rating of an A+ they received from the Better Business Bureau.

The AAA NCNU understands how to balance the needs of their customers with their own business requirements.

Good Provider for a Small Group of Drivers

It is safe to say that AAA NCNU is a fair and honest car insurance company. They do not accept just anyone, and this is to your benefit.

They have the ability to monitor rates very carefully which helps you receive the best premium quote possible.

If the company cannot offer you a policy, they will explain why.

Before you choose AAA NCNU, it is best to shop around to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

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