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Can teachers get discounts on car insurance?

Here's what you need to know...
  • Educators receive discounted auto insurance rates from car insurance companies that specialize in reduced rates for teachers
  • Two companies that offer discounted auto insurance rates for educators in any school system are Teachers Insurance and Horace Mann Insurance
  • Members of the National Education Agency (NEA) may receive discounted auto insurance as a benefit of membership in the organization as well as additional discounts for travel, car purchases, and store memberships such as Costco
  • Educators should always compare insurance rates with several insurance providers before choosing one from which to buy coverage

Teachers are not only integral and important members of the community, but they are also some of the safest drivers on the roadways. That’s why insurance companies often offer educator’s discounts for those in this industry.

If you serve as an educator, you should shop around for the most competitive rate before settling on a provider. Doing so will ensure you your hard earned money as a teacher to the best use.

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Shopping Around for Car Insurance for Educators

When you are seeking an educator’s discount from a car insurance company, be prepared to prove your employment status. Some auto insurance providers will contact the school where you teach. Others will accept documentation from your employer.

You will be required to prove your credentials to the auto insurance provider to receive the discount, in most cases.

Obtain free quotes from the car insurance providers that specialize in providing insurance to teachers. With these quotes in hand, research some of the other car insurance providers to find out about their educator discount offerings.

Request free quotes from the tool for your selected auto insurance providers. Also, request the educator discounts offered by each company and then compare rates to get the best possible discount and deal for your auto insurance.

Compile a list of policies and rates from the car insurance providers that offer educator discounts.

Research the companies on your list to become an educated car insurance consumer.

After all, even though an auto insurance company may offer great rates and discounts for educators, you will want to be sure that the company will pay on claims and is known for their great customer service.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

Do Your Research

To research the car insurance companies on your list, check sites such as AM Best for the financial health of the company. Check your state’s regulatory agency to determine the market share in your state for each of your selected companies.

Review customer satisfaction survey data from JD Power and Associates to find where your selected car insurance companies rank in the national data.

Finally, read customer reviews about your selected insurance companies. Customer reviews provide unedited comments and reviews about experiences people have had with the various companies. Look for continuity in customer reviews.

If customers feel that they are well cared for by the car insurance company, you should see many positive reviews about the provider.

A few other considerations to ask your auto insurance provider before purchasing a policy include:

– May I skip payments in the summer when school is not in session?

Teachers often experience a lag in their income during the summer months. Some car insurance providers will allow teachers to skip payments, or schedule their payments around the summer months.

– Are my supplies covered if stolen out of my car?

Ask your insurance provider if you need to carry custom coverage to protect school supplies while in your car. Many auto insurance providers will accommodate teachers with such protection.

Get the Best Rates and Discounts

Businesswoman in formalwear holding dollar sign drawing while standing against blackboard

Educators will get the best car insurance rates and discounts by shopping around and comparing auto insurance carriers. The web-based auto insurance comparison tool makes the task of shopping around and comparing auto insurance companies quick and easy to accomplish.

Spending an hour or so using a comparison tool to perform side by side comparisons of different companies and rates will enable you to get the best possible deal on your car insurance rates.

Other useful sites when shopping for car insurance and discounts are review sites such as and has been in existence since the late 1990s and is perhaps the most widely-known and reputable consumer review site. uses customer reviews to rank companies, including auto insurance companies.

Spending some time researching car insurance providers will allow you to find the educator discount you deserve and to receive the best possible car insurance rates for your needs.

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