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What’s car insurance for state employees?

Professionals who work in the public sector for a state agency are required by law to purchase personal car insurance on their personal vehicles just like civilians who are employed in the private sector. If you are a state employee, failing to carry the state minimum car insurance requirements could actually be the difference between having a job and being unemployed due to the fact that a misdemeanor conviction could lead to termination. This is why it is critical that you research car insurance laws and search for affordable premiums that you can manage on your salary so that you can avoid costly lapses. Start comparing car insurance rates now by using our FREE tool below!

Luckily, there are special car insurance association discounts for state employees that can keep your insurance expenses down. As a state employee, you receive employee benefits that can keep everything from your health treatments and your transportation expenses down. If you are not sure how member benefits or association discounts work, read this guide to buying car insurance as a state employee and you will be equipped to find the best-priced individual insurance products.

What are the consequences of driving without car insurance as a state employee?

Everyone knows that driving without insurance presents a risk. Since car insurance is what will pay injury claims, damage claims, or in some cases your vehicle repairs, you need to acknowledge that being uninsured can be a costly mistake. Aside from being a mistake that can lead to some serious wage garnishments or a loss of assets, failing to carry the coverage you legally must have can affect your employment status with the state. You need to know the consequences with your employer before you believe that the risk is justified:

  • Termination Following a Misdemeanor Conviction

Believe it or not, driving without insurance is most states is a misdemeanor. Since being convicted of a misdemeanor can violate your employment contract with the state, an infraction for being uninsured can literally send you to the unemployment line. This may not be true in all states or in all cases, but when you have already had write-ups or you are on probation, this seemingly minor ticket could be enough to get you fired.

  • You May Miss Out on a Promotion

If you drive for work or there is an open position where you must drive, having a conviction for being without insurance can disqualify you as a candidate for a promotion. Instead of affecting your driving record and missing out on the better title, just maintain your coverage as the law requires.

  • Your Insurance Rates Will Go Up

If you are uninsured, you are classified as a high-risk driver regardless of your driving record or your claims history. This means that you could pay higher rates with a clear record than someone who has a speeding conviction because you allowed your coverage to lapse. You will miss out on some large and cost-saving insurance discounts for prior insurance, which can increase your annual costs substantially.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Currently insured?

How can being a state employee be beneficial when insuring your car?

Now that you know why it is important that you commit to buying a policy and why you need to maintain continuous coverage, you need to learn how you can go about finding coverage with special discounts. Government employees who work for state agencies or for federal agencies can buy car insurance with a special discount or from a special affiliate provider that offers perks and lower rates. Here is what you need to know about the discounts that you can receive when you work for the state:

  • The State Employees Program

Some auto insurance companies actually have special government employees programs in place that will offer the policyholder lower rates for more coverage. The cost-saving programs will give the applicant discounts based on their job grade and a special membership discount for a customized car insurance product. GEICO is one of the most popular companies with a special program, but that is not the only provider that has partnered with state agencies to give employees discounts.

  • Affinity Discounts

In addition to companies that offer public programs, there are companies that offer other affinity discounts. An affinity discount differs from a program because you do not necessarily have to work with a state agency just to get the savings.

You will need to find a company that is an affiliate partnered with your employer organization to qualify.

Some employers will offer savings as high as 15% off of the premiums when you are employed through a partner organization and you can prove it. If this is available in your state your employer will notify you so that you can receive these group-like rates for individual products.

  • Preferred Occupation Discounts

You do not have to be state employee just to receive a preferred occupation discount. These discounts are available when you work in a role where the risk of filing a claim would be lower. Engineers, educators, insurance agents, firefighters, pilots, police, security personnel, nurses and doctors are all considered preferred risks. If you are a state employee with any of these titles, you may get double the perks.

Tips on Selecting the Best Car Insurance Policy

Low rates do not always equate to the best car insurance policy. When you are buying a new policy, you should always focus on choosing the best plan from a reputable carrier that will payout a claim if needed. Here are some valuable tips on factors to consider before you opt for the lowest premiums that you find:

  1. Check the financial status of the company to see if it is financially strong
  2. Review the companies complaint index through your state’s Department of Insurance website
  3. Review customer satisfaction rankings of the company
  4. See if the methods of contact available are in line with your preferred method
  5. Check the company product offerings to see if you can buy everything you need from the insurer

If you are employed by a state agency, you may be entitled to special perks so that you can find insurance for less. When you are shopping for coverage, find out what companies may have these programs or discounts in place. If you want to start comparing car insurance rates, enter your zip code in our FREE tool below!  Price premium costs as a state employee, and never suffer the consequences of driving without car coverage because your personal car insurance premiums are too high.

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